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Sunday, July 15th 2012

7:22 PM

Underaged asian preteen


Related article: Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 18:43:44 -0500
From: Buddy Shay
Subject: Cassie's NightCassie's NightbyTom ShayI sat in the passenger's seat of the `95 Caprice wondering where Jerry was
taking me. He started to tell me earlier, but I wanted a surprise for our
two-year anniversary. We hadn't gone out in months, and I was getting antsy
for some excitement. It's not that I wanted to change Jerry or anything,
just that he teens preteens mature didn't't work - just wrote, so I had to wait for chances to
get out into the world. We passed the corridor of restaurants while Jerry
told me about the story he had just sold for $75, and how he wanted to
spend it all on me. I was excited and glad to see him doing something for a
change.Inside the restaurant, we followed the maitre'd to our table in the
corner of the smoking lounge. Our waiter was nice, cute with brown hair
and deep eyes. He was snobby though, obviously he could tell that Jerry
and I were not the kind of people who came to this sort of establishment.
We made faces at each other after he'd left, smiling delight. Half the
fun was preteen hairy pics
being somewhere where we weren't't invited. Jerry ordered a
bottle of Champagne for the two of us and lit a cigarette, while I slid
my hand into my purse and fondled the box I was waiting to give him.After the bubbly arrived, we toasted three more years and quietly laughed
at ourselves sitting there. We were out of our league and enjoying every
minute of it."Happy Anniversary, hon." I handed Jerry the gold foil wrapped box from
my purse. A red ribbon coiled itself gently around its square edges.
Jerry took the gift and unwrapped it quietly while our waiter served the
salads. He looked excited, his brown eyes starting to alight. Lifting the
brace of silver gilt pens, he smiled while reading the inscription aloud,
"I love you always - Cassie - 11-7-00." He smiled and we leaned
forward, kissing across the white tablecloth."Thank you," he smiled and kissed my hand. "You'll have to wait until
after we get back to the house for your present. Don't worry though -
you'll love it.""Ohhhh, a surprise!" I flashed Jerry a coy smile. "I was wondering
when you were going to give me those flowers you bought the other day.""You knew about that?" He asked."Sure, so, what is it?" I asked."Oh, no, you'll have to wait for this one. Don't worry though, if I
know you at all, you're gonna love it," he smiled coyly.I was half expecting a throng of pornography and candlelit sex in the
attic. We liked to do that kind of thing. I imagined our bodies coming
together into one while he preteen from russia was inside of me. It was exhilarating -
watching beautiful, tight bodies come together while we had sex, feeling
Jerry inside me while I wrapped myself around him, both of us pulsating
and sweating in the original message of love.Jerry and I started talking about old preteens panties young times black schoolgirls preteen over dinner. We talked about
the time we went skinny-dipping at the lake one summer night and a couple
of teenagers stole our clothes from the bank. Jerry drove home nude that
night, stopping to make love at the edge of the forest. That was one of
the best nights of my life.I was starting to get excited, remembering all the times Jerry and I had
been together, feeling the heat spread through my body while my knees got
weak. I wanted him badly - could've taken him across the table, but
stopped, you know, in case the others at the restaurant didn't't care
for that sort of thing. Jerry took the bill and left all of pussy preteen naked the money
he'd made from his story on the table before running his firm, tender
hand down to the small of my back to lead me from the preteen leotard models
table to our car.
Traffic was heavier on the way home, but we listened to `80's love
songs and forgot about the inconvenience. Jerry was excited about what
was waiting at the house, making me promise to close my eyes until we got
there."Okay, you can open them now," Jerry leaned forward and whispered into
my ear. I opened my eyes, we were standing outside the bedroom door, I
could smell lavender candles burning inside. Jerry slid his hand from my
shoulder to the small of my back while opening the door into the
candlelit room. I took a step forward, feeling Jerry's needful hand
brush my ass while I took the room in. A trail of rose petals led to the
bed, while soft music played in the background. Wine-red, satin sheets
beckoned me deeper. I watched, spell-bound while Samantha stepped out of
the bathroom in a silk flower-print robe belted loosely at the waist. We
could see the string of pearls hanging from her neck and into the
cleavage between her firm, rounded breasts.Samantha stood leaning; her weight perched delicately on her back foot.
The rounded, oblong shape of her creamy thigh slid out from behind her
robe while two taut, curious nipples peeked through the thin fabric. preteen swimsuit collection My
body responded immediately, I had been hoping for something like this for
quite some time now. I felt liberated and inhibited all at the same models x preteens time
- wanting both and getting it, not wanting to hurt Jerry just because of
who I am or who he wanted me to be. And all the time I'd spent with
Samantha, those emerald eyes smiling while we talked, me not wanting to
press the issue in case it made her leave. Standing there, a thousand
thoughts and feelings hit me at once. And I was delicious, naked and
purring inside - oblivious to the world. Her emerald eyes beckoned us
into her despite the tinge of fear at the edges. Samantha's petulant,
rose colored lips parted in a catty smile."Happy Anniversary," Samantha turned her bedroom eyes from me to Jerry
and back again. She held a bottle of champagne in her right hand and
three flutes in the other. I wanted to jump on her, wrap my fervent
thighs around her midriff and pull her mouth into mine while Jerry
squeezed me passionately and slid his cock into me."I've been thinking about this for months, and Jerry told me you were
into it," Samantha smiled to me. It photograpers nudes preteens was starting to feel like the first
time I had been with teens preteens mature
a woman, all passion and the thrill of
"wrongdoing."She cat-walked between Jerry and I and brushed back a lock of my hair. I
wrapped my arms around her soft, solid waist while she did the same to
me. The amatuer pre teen heat from our loins brushed and came into one another while we
kissed lightly. I kept my eyes closed, russian preteens galleries
but pictured Jerry standing there,
dumbfounded, and watching us in abject appreciation."God, I'm glad you came," I laughed awkwardly."Me, too," Samantha blundered, smiling coyly.I could tell she was at least as nervous as we were.Jerry poured three glasses of the wine while Samantha preteens panties young and I led each
other to the bed, petting and kissing each other lightly - ignoring
Jerry's longing eyes."Thank you, Jerry. You won't be disappointed," I whispered in his ear
from the corner of the bed.Watching, Samantha brushed my cheek and got up from the bed sashaying to
Jerry, standing at the bedside - waiting for an invitation. She whispered
into his ear and bit it while he slid his hand down her side and kissed
her passionately full on the lips. I was sooo wet I almost orgasmed right
there; I was dying to have someone inside me. He slid his hand to her ass
and pulled her closer. They kissed and she reached down for his cock,
rubbing it lightly to keep him into it. Fondling myself I watched the two
of them while feeling the pleasure spread from my clitoris into my trunk,
spreading into me.Samantha let up on Jerry and returned to me, fondling my breast and
rimming my nipple with her index finger while I ran my finger nails up
her back. We were all starting to break a sweat now, with Samantha and
Jerry tugging at my clothes. Samantha unbuttoned my sundress with her
teeth while Jerry slid to my feet to undo my shoes. I was in heaven,
feeling the heat spread from me to them and back again. I lay back and
let their longing bodies undress me, feeling the pull of their desires
all the while.I spread my hands along Samantha's delicate breasts, past her taut
nipples while pushing her robe to the edge of the bed. I kissed her mouth
and bit her lower lip while she ran her hands along my breasts and down
to my waiting enjoyment. I felt along her preteen vestal models
thigh and into her, both of our
vaginas sopping. We found the right preteen girls oriental places soon enough and rubbed each
other's clits eagerly while european preteen gallery rubbing our nipples against each other and
necking while Jerry disrobed at the foot of the bed.I felt Jerry's hand brush my calf and stream along to my inner thigh
while I went down on Samantha. I pressed my sex into his hand, feeling
the tips of two of his fingers tease my lips before running their
pleasure onto my clitoris.Samantha was coming to climax under my knowing tongue while Jerry slid
his fingers in deeply. I moaned into Samantha's eager sex, running my
hands up along her hard nipples to squeeze her tender, succulent breasts.
I backed into Jerry eagerly, yearning for the sweet sensation of his cock
sliding deep into me. His fingers slid past the clitoris and to my
G-spot, running themselves along my insides.Samantha moaned while I felt the throbbing tip of Jerry`s dick rub along
my lips. I backed into him at once, taking all of it in one thrust while
thrusting my tongue deeper into Samantha's climax. She pressed herself
further into me while Jerry thrust easily, picking up steam each time. I
felt like I was going to burst into the moist sweet love of orgasm with
both and Samantha and Jerry following me. Samantha raised herself and
started kissing and fondling Jerry while I backed eagerly into his
thrusts. The three of us undulated passionately. Jerry and I came
together - moaning with delight. We laid Samantha back onto the bed and
finished her, taking turns with our tongues. She moaned all the while.
Her heat washed over us like the ocean at noon in the summer. She came
like a thunderbolt - screaming, "OH GOD - OOOOOOO OH OH GOD -
OOOOOOOOOOOH GOOOD.Exhausted we lay together and kissed gently."Thank you," I whispered to them both.We slept easy that night.
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Saturday, July 14th 2012

12:00 AM

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